At Osito ESL, we love hearing from our wonderful customers. Their feedback not only helps us when we’re developing new products, but also helps other ESL / EFL teachers know exactly what to expect from our existing products. We hope that understanding the products from our customers’ point of view, gives you a better idea of what we do – and gives you confidence in our ESL / EFL resources.

I love all the packs I have purchased. They were made with so much love and attention to detail. I am constantly checking to see if another pack has come out because I can’t wait to use the worksheets and templates. I would love to see packs about sports, free time activities, the weather and nature (plants/flowers/trees). You have made my life so much easier and I am so glad I found your products!

Claudia, Italy

The Osito ESL packs I received have enticing illustrations and good quality activities. Students respond well to images while learning, and these activity sheets are really pleasing to work with. I will continue to incorporate Osito ESL activities into my teaching this year. Please keep going, there is a real need for well-made reproducible activities like yours.

Anne, Canada

Attractive, well graded / planned resources. Very teacher friendly as the activity sheets are topic based and have varied activities, which appeal to different ages – and can be used alongside the course books we have to use. Also very surprised at how cheap they are for such good, high-quality materials. Thank you.

Mary, Spain

These beautiful Osito ESL packs have made it all the way to South Africa, where they are being used to support the mainly Afrikaans-speaking children who are part of the @PebblesProject charity organisation. We are loving the illustrations and clear design of these resources. Our teachers love them.

Sophy, South Africa

I received your materials last week and I just love them. They are going to be of such great use with my younger students this next year. I have also signed up for your Newsletter through your website, so I can be the first to hear about what’s coming next!

Gabriel, France

I’ve been using your activity sheets with my young learners for a few weeks now and I just wanted to say a big thank you. The children really love the materials and enjoy the humour in the illustrations. I really love the Teacher’s Notes because they’ve just given me so many new ideas for activities and fun ways to teach vocabulary and grammar. I also can’t believe how cheap they are! Looking forward to trying more topics as they become available.

Sara, Spain

The children and I have greatly enjoyed the beautifully drawn illustrations and creative teaching materials in the Osito ESL packs. There’s lots of humour in the pictures, which helps to make the learning fun. Hands-on projects like building a paper house, vocabulary games, and word puzzles with secret messages all spark the children’s interest while they are learning English in a well-constructed course, based on the extensive classroom experience of its authors.

Judy, Belgium

I love using your materials! I teach in an English Language Centre in Hong Kong.

The worksheets in your packs are visually interesting, entertaining for children and appeal to quite a wide age range. One reason for this is that the images include small details that appeal to older students’ sense of humour. The packs are topic-based so it’s easy to link them to other resources I’m using. Above all, the materials are quick and easy to use! So thanks very much! Looking forward to trying more topics as they become available.

Julie, Hong Kong

Just love the diversity of the activities and worksheets you offer. The drawings and layout are great. The Teacher’s Notes are so useful! Can’t wait to discover your next units! Thanks a million!

Maritie, Belgium

I recently used your ‘In the Classroom’ materials and the children enjoyed using the picture cards to play vocabulary games like ‘guess the picture using Yes/No questions’. At the end of the week they loved playing the Bingo game with the spinners. The quality of production is excellent and the ideas in the Teacher’s Notes inspired me to create some stimulating lessons and activities that really kept the children focused and engaged. I also wanted to say, I just love your little bear. He’s adorable. 

Lia, Greece

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