Unit 7 – Families


These ESL Activity Sheets – Families – provide engaging, fun and versatile activities your young learners will love.

They’ve been designed to support busy English teachers of young learners aged 5-9 years, with activities that cover:

  • vocabulary and grammar
  • speaking and listening
  • reading and writing
  • and games.

The pack contains Teachers’ Notes full of ideas for introducing, practising, recycling and extending ‘Families’ vocabulary and grammar – along with 11 photocopiable Activity Sheets to keep your young learners motivated and engaged.

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The Osito ESL Activity Sheets – Families – include:

  • 12 picture cards – for teaching/revising ‘Family’ vocabulary
  • ‘family words’ word-search puzzle
  • family tree picture crossword
  • stimulus picture of families in a park, for speaking and listening activities
  • ‘Spot the Difference’ park scene, for further speaking practice
  • reading comprehension task
  • pairs gap fill exercise
  • family tree with questions (using possessive apostrophe + s)
  • ‘Guess Who?’ game board
  • family finger puppets, to enjoy family songs and puppet shows.

The Teachers’ Notes provide an overview of each ESL Activity Sheet, including a bank of ideas for using them in different ways, to motivate and inspire you and your young learners.

Many of the Activity Sheets are ideal as extension activities, time-fillers or homework tasks. They all provide low-prep / easy-prep, time-saving support to help you enhance your English teaching.

These ESL Activity Sheets – Families – have been lovingly created by English teachers, and trialled in classrooms around the world, so you can be confident that they do actually work.

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